Our diverse selection of electro-mechanical products are consistently delivered on-time with unsurpassed quality, reliability and compatibility. We’re committed to the zero-defect philosophy to meet the stringent requirements. We simply have your applications and production requirements covered.

BJG Manufactured Products

RF Connectors

  • Subminiature Push-On (SMP)
  • Sub-Subminiuature Push-On (SMPM)
  • BJG-100 - High Density Push-On
  • BJG-W - Ultra High Density Push-On
  • BJG-65 - Nano-Miniature Density
  • Instrument Grade Test Adapters
  • Glassing, Hermetics and Fixturing

RF Microwave Assemblies

  • Test and Production RF Assemblies from DC-50 Ghz
  • Semi Rigid, Semi Flex and Flex
  • Low Loss and Phase Matched

Distributed Products/Suppliers


  • BJG Electronics, Inc.
  • Amphenol AAO
  • Amphenol PCD
  • Esterline Souriau-Sunbank
  • TE-Deutsch
  • SV Microwave
  • Glenair
  • Corsair
  • Amphenol RF
  • Kings

EMI Shielding Materials

  • GORETM SKYFLEXTM Aerospace Materials
  • MAJR Products


  • Esterline Souriau-Sunbank
  • Glenair
  • Amphenol PCD


  • TE-Deutsch
  • Tri-Star
  • Amphenol AAO


  • TE
  • DRI

Copper Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

  • BJG Copper Cables/Harnesses

RF Cable Assemblies

  • BJG RF Assemblies

Fiber Optic Termini and Cable Assemblies

  • Xioptics (Single/Multi Mode)
  • BJG Fiber Optic Assemblies