BJG Electronics Group Showcases at the 2021 AUSA Expo

With over 33,000 expected attendees and 650+ exhibitors, the 2021 AUSA Meeting and Exposition will be held in Washington D.C. on October 11th-13th. The Association of the United States Army’s focus for this year’s annual expo is themed, “America’s Army and its People, Transforming for the Future.” In conjunction with this theme, BJG Electronics Group proudly showcases wire/cable, electromechanical, and connector products for ground military and communication systems, like those found in Abrams battle tanks and the Stryker family of vehicles, in booth #3928 during the entirety of the event. 

Ground Military Application Products from BJG Electronics Group

According to the Congressional Budget Office, an estimated $5 billion is necessary to upgrade military ground vehicle operations by 2050. Abrams battle tanks (whose purchase price is expected to account for 40% of the total budget) and the highly versatile family of Stryker 8-wheeled vehicles are at the top of the list. 

Both are made by General Dynamic Land Systems and have been in production for decades, with the newest Abrams battle tank released in 2020 called the M1A2 SEPv3. Over 500 of the older styles of military ground vehicles are currently in the process of being retrofitted to meet updated specs. Future plans also include new releases of Abrams tanks in 2025 and 2040. 

As an industry-leading provider of ruggedized wire/cable, electromechanical, and connector parts, BJG Electronics Group specializes in distributing quality-tested products for ground military applications. In particular, Abrams battle tanks and the Stryker family of vehicles are equipped with these mission-critical components, helping to ensure future military missions’ success even in harsh conditions. Let’s explore each category and these products’ manufacturers as they apply to these crucial United States Army ground vehicles. 

Wire/Cable Products for Military Ground Vehicles

On the ground or in ground-based vehicles, wire and cable allow crucial comms to perform as intended, along with ground-based weapons systems and missile-based defense systems (like Iron Dome). These are the manufacturers of the wire/cable and accessory products you’ll see showcased at the BJG Electronics Group booth:

  • Heat Shrink Boots: Hellerman, TE Connectivity 
  • Wire/Cable:TE Connectivity, Judd, Marmon/RSCC
  • Data Cable: TE Connectivity
  • Power Cable: Judd, TE Connectivity, Marmon/RSCC
  • Terminals: TE Connectivity
  • Solder Sleeves: TE Connectivity, Sumitomo
  • Heat Shrink Tubing: TE Connectivity, Sumitomo
  • Custom Build-to-Print and Specialty Cable
  • Industry Drawing, Custom, and Bulk Cable: Whitmor
  • Data and Power Specialty Cable: Whitmor

In addition to carrying wire and cable for these specific applications, BJG Electronics group has a broad scope of wire/cable and accessories made to spec for other uses such as defense, aeronautics, and space. See the full line of BJG Electronics Group’s wire and cable offerings to learn more. 

Electromechanical Products for Military Ground Vehicles

Military ground vehicles like the Abrams battle tank and the Stryker family of vehicles require electromechanical parts to function as required, such as high power/voltage switching, circuit protection, power control devices, power load management, and remote control circuit breakers. BJG Electronics Group is showcasing the following mission-critical electromechanical parts at the 2021 AUSA Meeting and Exposition:

  • Relays/Contactors
  • Circuit Breakers/Circuit Protection
  • Switches/Switch accessories- Covers and Guards
  • Solid-State Control Technology- Solid-State Power Controllers

Along with distributing electromechanical products for these specific military ground applications, BJG Electronics group has an extensive inventory of electromechanical parts and accessories made to mil/aero spec for other uses such as in defense, aeronautics, and space. Visit us online 24/7 to see the full line of BJG Electronics Group’s electromechanical products

Connectors Products for Military Ground Vehicles

Abrams tanks and Stryker vehicles’ engine connectors go on the end of the cable from a machine gun on top of the tank into the board, near the engine, close to men and women inside the tank. They are specially made to be ruggedized, shock-resistant, high-heat-resistant, and harsh condition-resistant with stainless steel backshells and string relief. We supply and equip the US Army contractors with the following items from these manufacturers for these applications:

  • 38999 Stainless Steel Connectors: Amphenol Aerospace, Eaton-Souria/Sunbank, Corsair, TE Connectivity/Deutsch
  • Backshell/String Release: Glen Air, Amphenol PCD, Sunbank

Furthermore, BJG Electronics Group has an enormous quantity of high-quality connectors, backshells, and accessories created to spec for other uses like defense, aeronautics, and space. Browse the whole line of BJG Electronics Group’s connectors, backshells, and accessories online to see what we have to offer. 

BJG Electronics Group will be at the AUSA Expo in Washington D.C. on October 11th-13th, 2021. Stop by booth #3928 to better understand the full breadth of our products available for military ground operations. Can’t come and see us in person or want to learn more about our offerings? Visit the BJG Electronics Group website or call us at (800) 847-7127 today and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable team to find your right-fit product solutions.