Supplier Status Updates

Dear Valued Customer – As we all navigate this challenging time, communication is paramount and it is important that we do our best to support your needs. This is our second formal message regarding business continuity as well as what we are doing to ensure the health and well-being of our employees. 

  • All future communication will be posted at 
  • Supplier status, as communicated to BJG, will be summarized on the BJG website 
  • Our current inventory position is available on:
  • PLEASE CONTACT us to support potential shortages as we have significant available inventory 

As previously communicated, we are considered an “essential business” and a critical part of the Military/Defense supply chain. Our country relies on our products to ensure our protection and the protection of those that protect us in the service of our country. The “essential business” designation applies to all of our facilities and divisions. 

  • Where possible we have:
    • Expanded the distance between work Teams 
    • Modified work days or shifts to minimize contact 
    • Staggered lunches and breaks with stations cleaned between seating 
    • Mandated that Team members that can work from home do work home 
  • Visitors are prohibited from coming to the facility unless approved by on-site management 
  • We will continue to accept deliveries and support shipments but have asked delivery personnel to not enter the building 
  • Cleaning of both our facility and work stations has been increased 
  • Travel is banned unless approved by the CEO or President 
  • We have activated a text messaging system to provide immediate organizational guidance 
  • Many other actions have been taken and will continue to be considered to assist in creating a safe work environment 

We will continue to do our best to provide excellent service to our Customers. Additionally, we both rely on Supplier partners who are facing the same or similar challenges driven by these force majeure events. As the Suppliers communicate the status of their business and potential challenges, we will together work to find solutions. 

We very much appreciate your ongoing support and partnership. 

Supplier Status: Updated 3-31-20

SupplierCurrent Status
All-StatesNo Delays Expected
Amphenol AerospaceMinimal Delays Possible
Amphenol PCDDelays Expected
Amphenol RFNo Delays Expected
AptivNo Delays Expected
BradyNo Delays Expected
BreydenNo Delays Expected
Cable USAUpdate Requested
CarliseUpdate Requested
CinchNo Delays Expected
CorsairDelays Expected
DrakaMajor Delays
DRINo Delays Expected
GlenairNo Delays Expected
HellermanTytonNo Delays Expected
ODUNo Delays Expected
Preci-DipMajor Delays
RMSNo Delays Expected
SafranNo Delays Expected
SCCUpdate Requested
SouriauMajor Delays
SPINo Delays Expected
SumitomoNo Delays Expected
SV MicrowaveNo Delays Expected
TE ConnectivityDelays Possible
Infinite ElectronicsNo Delays Expected

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