Five Things You Should Know About The Mars Perseverance Mission

The recent news of NASA’s success in landing the Perseverance Rover on Mars has undoubtedly captured the world’s imagination. For the first time in history, humans will be able to take a look at the planet Mars and explore its uncharted terrain in search of evidence of ancient life. Whitmor/Wirenetics, a BJG Company, is proud to play a role in this milestone of human achievement.  This, however, is not the first time a BJG company has played a role in helping its customers make history. BJG Electronics Group has supported the Space and Mil-Aero markets for over fifty years, providing electrical interconnect, RF connectors, and wire and cable products for mission-critical applications when space and weight savings are key 

 Our customers are making history every day and pave the way for future innovations. Here are five things you should know about the Perseverance mission

1. Whitmor/Wirenetics and BJG Electronics Group are strategic suppliers. 

Supplying wire, cable, interconnect products, and electrical engineering support to the NASA Perseverance Mission. With expectations of consistent and realizable results, customers call on us because they know we deliver. 

2. Perseverance is searching for signs of ancient life. 

Scientists will use various instruments to collect samples, take pictures, and use radar probes to gather information and transmit it 135.2 million miles back to earth. 

3. Perseverance is collecting data about Mars’ geology & climate: 

For many years, Orbiters have been collecting data from 200 miles off the surface of Mars. For a closer look, rovers like the one from the Perseverance Mission are used to gather information to help provide information about Mars’ climate change, informing the science about Earth’s geology & clime.

4. Perseverance is only the first leg of the journey

To get the samples back to Earth, NASA has a 3-prong approach that involves three other missions. Click Here When the chalk-sized rock samples return to earth, researchers will have a first-hand look at the red planet. 

5. The technologies created for this mission are just the beginning

Perseverance carries technology that will pave the way for manned missions to Moon & Mars. Upgraded sensors, computers, and algorithms allow Perseverance to roam more autonomously than any other surface rover, making exploration more efficient than ever. Other technology onboard will enable scientists to collect data for future human exploration of the red planet.

We are united with the engineers and scientists who embarked on this historical journey, where failure is never an option. When programs like this need reliability and quality, they look to BJG Electronics Group. For more information about BJG Electronics Group and Whitmor/Wirenetics, click here

 Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Image credit: NASA