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Franchised Lines

Cylindrical, Rectangular, Fiberoptic Connectors

Mil and Inductrial Connectors and Accessories

Military Grade Electrical Connectors

Connectors, Backshells, and Backshell Accessories

Relays, Contactors, Switches, Circuit Breakers

System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Socets, Terminal Blocks, Connectors

RF Coaxial Connectors

M83513- Micro DSubs & M24308 - DSubs Sem ex, Trompeter, & Array

Commercial and Military Mid-Range Time Delay Relays, Relay Sockets

Military, Aerospace, and Harsh Environment Airframe Wire & Cable

Cable Management, Protection, Identification products

RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies, Test Adapters

Connectors, Relays, Connector Accessories and Heat Shrink Product

Blind-Mate Bullet Connectors, BJG 100, SMP & SMPM, RF Adapters & Tooling, TESTFLEX®

RF Connectors & Components

Mil Aero Wire & Cable Products

Fiber optic connectors, Termini, optic cable solutions

Military & Industrial Connector and Connector Accessories