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Safran Electrical & Power, formerly, Eaton Aerospace, BJG is proud to introduce a significant expansion to its existing offering of electromechanical products, including relays, contactors, switches, and circuit breakers. With the addition of Safran Electrical & Power to BJG’s line card, BJG will continue to support customers in the military, aerospace, and industrial communities.



Toggle Switches

  • Environmentally Sealed Toggle Switches
  • Multi-Circuit Switches
  • Environmentally Sealed Positive Action Switches
  • Miniature Positive Action Switches

Rocker and Limit Switches

  • Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches
  • Illuminated Rocker Switches
  • Limit Switches

Circuit Breakers

  • Single Phase Circuit Breakers
  • Three Phase Circuit Breakers
  • Arc Fault Circuit Breakers


  • Type I Hermetic Continuous Duty
  • Type II Unsealed Continuous Duty
  • Type III Intermittent Duty
  • Type IV Environmentally Sealed

Special Products

  • Generator Contactors
  • Special Power Products
  • Remote Controlled Circuit Breakers

CB Panels (CBP) & Power Plate (PDU)

  • Secondary Distribution
  • Primary Distribution
  • Advanced Power Distribution Unit (ADPU)