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SupplierCurrent Status
All-StatesNo Delays Expected
Alpha WireUpdate Pending
AmphenolDelays Expected
Amphenol PCD (Bangalore)Delays Expected
Amphenol PCD (Pune)Major Delays
Amphenol PCD (NA & EMEA)No Delays Expected
Amphenol RFNo Delays Expected
AptivMajor Expected
Atkins and Pearce ManufacturingUpdate Pending
Atlas WireUpdate Pending
BradyNo Delays Expected
BreydenNo Delays Expected
Cable USA LLCUpdate Pending
CarliseMajor Delays
CinchNo Delays Expected
CorsairMinimal Delays
DRINo Delays Expected
ElektrisolaUpdate Pending
Essex Magnet WireUpdate Pending
Federal-MogulUpdate Pending
General Cable CorporationUpdate Pending
GlenairMajor Delays
Harbour IndustriesNo Delays Expected
HellermanTytonNo Delays Expected
Infinite ElectronicsNo Delays Expected
International Wire Group Inc.Update Pending
IsodyneUpdate Pending
Judd Wire Inc.Update Pending
Marmon Aerospace & DefenseUpdate Pending
ODUDelays Expected
Preci-DipMajor Delays
Prysmian Group/ Draka Holding B.VMajor Delays
Quirk Wire Co. Inc.Update Pending
RMSNo Delays Expected
SafranNo Delays Expected
SouriauMajor Delays
Southwire Company, LLCUpdate Pending
Specialty Cable Corp (SCC)Update Pending
SPINo Delays Expected
SteinelUpdate Pending
Sumitomo ElectricMinimal Delays
SunbankMajor Delays
Super-Temp Wire and Cable, Inc.Update Pending
SV MicrowaveNo Delays Expected
TE ADM HermosilloDelays Expected
TE ConnectivityDelays Expected
TE TecateDelays Expected
TE TijuanaDelays Expected
TechflexUpdate Pending
Tri-StarMajor Delays
VarflexUpdate Pending
Western FilamentUpdate Pending
Zeus Industrial ProductsUpdate Pending
Zipper TubingUpdate Pending

Supplier Statements: Updated 5-4-20

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